Attention from the queen


How Creativity Made A Dream Come True

” I feel so honored. I feel the reverence, I felt the love and I so appreciate that. That is better than an acedemy award.” – Oprah Winfrey

At Cmon Creative, we know that creativity can turn dreams into reality. When we made a puppet show and met Oprah because of it, it confirmed what we always knew to be true: that imagination is the key to making real results.

No matter what your business is or what your goals are, creative thinking is the driver behind all customer awareness and engagement. Cmon is here to help you “make belief” as a company—because we’re confident that your dreams are closer than you think. Looking for a breakthrough? Let’s dream together.

A story of belief

For as long as he can remember, Cmon Creative CEO Calvin Nowell wanted to meet his hero: the one and only Oprah Winfrey.

For Calvin, Oprah was the mentor he’d never met. Watching her on TV for years and seeing her live on tour, her wisdom gave Calvin the courage to believe in himself and start an agency of his own: Cmon Creative.

The Video that changed everything

One day, an Oprah clip inspired Calvin to create a web series all about the power of belief: a creative sandbox puppet show where imagination takes center stage. As a tribute and a thank-you to his hero, Calvin made Oprah a character in Make Belief, Episode 2.

Meeting Oprah (for real)

The joyful, inspiring Episode 2 of Make Belief found its way to Oprah Daily, who set up an interview with Calvin. When he joined the Zoom, he got the surprise visit of a lifetime: Oprah herself joined the call.

At Cmon Creative, we are humbled, honored, and inspired by Oprah’s kind words. Oprah taught us that when you make belief, nothing is off the table. For yourself and for your business, no dream is too big when you have the courage to chase it with everything you’ve got.

Want to learn how Cmon can Make Belief for your business and create real ROI? Let’s dream together—and then turn that dream to reality. 

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